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Editor (Proofreader): Adrienna Turner.

Editing Projects (Proofreading since 2009): No longer accepting Editing/Proofreading projects at this time.

Adrienna Turner is an award-winning author of "The Day Begins with Christ" (2010) and published/written 10 books in 7 years. 

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References (Past Works Edited):


  1. The Certain Ones by Vanessa Richardson
  2. You Need a Coach, Not a Couch: 10 Signs You Are Ready to Progress NOT Regress by Jaime L. Rohadfox (eBook)
  3. Help My Marriage, We Need It by Pastors Michael and Carolyn Byrd
  4. Before the Lights Go Out by Quiniece Sheppard
  5. Walking the Path to Real Love (ebook) by Quiniece Sheppard
  6. Vanessa’s Revenge by Cher-Rhonda Woodard Lynk (light copy editing/proofreading)
  7. Woman-2-Woman: Life’s Journey by Stephanneth Adams*
  8. Desire at Will by Adrienna Dionna Turner
  9. The Day Begins with Christ by Adrienna Dionna Turner (proofreading)
  10. God is in the Equation by Adrienna Dionna Turner
  11. Out of the Gutter by Delvyn Crawford
  12. Rise out of your Situation and Walk into your Destiny by Pastor Rosa Meredith
  13. Falling In Love by Pastor/Dr. David Stevens
  14. Mr. Right Meets MisUnderstood by Michael T.R. Banks and Shannon Shana Morgan


 *Get a copy of these remarkable reads! I was honored and blessed to work on these God-given talented books.

I also have been on LivePerson.com editing projects: research papers, thesis, essays, short stories, etc. since 2009.